With the end of 2016 fast approaching, it’s time to take a look back at what OrderLord went through in the past 12 months. All of us here at OrderLord can attest that it has been the most dynamic and most successful year so far, but it also has been a demanding one in terms of hard work and patience.

In 2016, from the get-go, we started focusing on closing key partnerships and integrations which would bring our clients the core benefit in form of a smooth running order flow. And that has been the very thing that allowed us to expand into 16 countries and we gradually connect a growing number of new customers in ever more remote and exotic areas.

More and more restaurant owners are starting to realize that having an effective and transparent delivery management is key to growing their business and, in particular, having satisfied customers. Our partner POS systems and ordering solutions are realizing this as well, seeking us out on their own with the goal of providing restaurants with a unique service. This is what drives us to try and come up with innovative approaches and improvements each and every day.

Our effort is also reflected in this year’s achievements:

–  this year, we reached a magical number: the 1.000.000th order successfully delivered with OrderLord

– we closed a number of successful partnerships and integrations, e.g. Epos Now, LivePepper, Gloria Food, Lightspeed, Preoday, iKentoo, Tillster, Wowpos, Mobi2Go, MyOrderBox, and much more.

– we launched our Caller ID- thus solving a longstanding problem with ongoing phone orders, that, for example, make up 55% of all orders at the UK market. From now on, our clients can have customer’s details in OrderLord automatically.

– the automated dispatch system has been effortlessly and smoothly managing all orders without requiring any action from a dispatcher for 6 months and is being used more and more by our customers.

– all these innovations and closed partnerships participated in our growth, which reached a staggering 300% this year.

It has been a year of positive changes, which would not have been possible without you- our clients and partners. The following year brings even bigger changes and challenges, which we have no doubt we will be able to tackle thanks to you, your feedback and, mostly, your trust. Moreover, we would like to thank the whole OrderLord team for a job well done and our investors for their support and guidance.

Big things are going to happen in 2017, stay tuned!

Kind regards,

The OrderLord team

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