Our New Year’s resolution no.1 is to continue to provide a better experience and usage of our solution. That’s why we’ve decided to work with another professional epos solution – WOWPOS and their product OmniPOS.

With the supreme power coming to life, WOWPOS remains one of UK’s and U.S’s most adored and enduring heroes – continuing to save every day businesses within the retail and hospitality industry. What makes WOWPOS special is that each individual team member has worked hard in either a busy restaurant or retail environment, making it simpler to understand what a business needs to make everyday management much easier.

As a fast growing technology provider, WOWPOS does not only provide an epos system, because that would just be boring! WOWPOS has delivered the world a revolutionary all-in-one solution, enabling businesses to immensely cut cost and put their WOWPOS solution to multiple uses whilst at the same time being able to receive the 24/7 support they need.

WOWPOS understands that no two businesses are the same and every business will have different requirements from their epos system. This is why WOWPOS have sculpted a cloud-based solution with all the tools a restaurateur needs at an affordable price, whilst being able to serve customers at the highest possible standard without having to compete with larger competitors.


And what does WOWPOS think about Orderlord?

“ By offering Omni POS to the world of restaurateurs, there was one tool that was missing. After searching through many integrations, Orderlord was able to offer a ground-breaking delivery management function which was able to integrate seamlessly. This would enable a restaurateur to track orders, manage logistics and efficiently heighten customer experience. After years of creating the revolutionized hospitality software, it only made sense to partner with Orderlord; who shared the vision of providing a quality asset to restaurants and takeaways.”

We’re looking forward to working with the company who take care of the customer as much as we do! Here you can also watch a short video about WOWPOS product OmniPOS, the cloud-based solution integrated with Orderlord:

Check out the WOWPOS website and store for more at http://www.wowpos.co.uk

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