Epos Now has over 20,000 satisfied retail and hospitality customers worldwide. As one of the fastest growing technology company in the UK, the Epos Now Point of Sale solution aids customers in the profitable and efficient running of their businesses. We love them because they are working very hard in delivering a top product with a very high quality of service. The team at Epos Now understands that product focus is key and doing a few things well is much better for customers than trying to be all things to all people. Therefore, we decided to partner up and integrate our solutions in order to provide a seamless delivery management experience all connected with an amazing Point of Sale product. 



We are excited to join the first AppStore by Epos Now that allows customers to cherry-pick the best setup for their business needs. They can choose from over 80 partners with top solutions ranging from payment, through accounting up to delivery management with Orderlord.

Here’s the story of Epos Now at a glace. In 2011, CEO Jacyn Heavens, identified a gap in the market for an affordable, reliable and easy to use EPOS system after taking over a bar. He was shocked at how poor the existing software and hardware was, as well as the extortionate price attached. It was only multinationals worth millions of pounds that had access to custom systems, which led Jacyn to start developing and manufacturing his own EPOS.

And what does Epos Now think about Orderlord?

“Partnering with Orderlord was a natural choice as the app offers a range of features that our customers can benefit from. Small enterprises are often competing against large chain competitors and Orderlord equips our customers with the tools they need to optimise their delivery management. Tracking orders, managing logistics and customer expectations are key to creating an efficient punctual  customer experience ensuring valuable repeat custom.”

We’re looking forward to a great cooperation.

Check out the Epos Now website and store for more at http://www.eposnow.com/.

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