This is Richard from Orderlord and since you’re reading our very first post I think that its appropriate to briefly introduce WHO we are, WHAT we do and more importantly WHY we do it.

Meet the team behind Orderlord

The team is made up of Dusan our CTO, who loves beautiful code as much as women (okay maybe a bit less, but still a lot). Next we have our Chief mobile developer Ivan who smashes rose-colored glasses on-sight and does our reality-check. Then there is Kubo our untiring frontend bug fighter and finally its me the guy who tries to get biz & tech under one roof so that it doesnt leak too much.

WHAT we do is simple – we help our clients (restaurants & chains) to bring order into their food delivery process. Everything that happens after you place an order until the moment the food arrives at your door is managed through our system. With us restaurants do this faster, better and cheaper with happier customers at home and more cash in the bank – KA-CHING! We aim for nothing less than world domination through our dedication to quality, integrity and awesome service.

Three reasons why Orderlord

1. We are passionate about putting our ideas into reality and seeing them succeed by producing smiles on the faces of our customers.

2. We do it for the challenges we get to overcome, the experience points we earn (level up!), the superb people we get to meet and simply the scary fun of it.

3. We do it for the food obviously 🙂 No matter the weather or time of year a crunchy pizza, tasty noodles or a king-sized burger we’re in.

There you have it, now YOU know everything about US. Its been a crazy ride so far and we’re just getting warmed up so there’s a lot to look forward to. And before i forget – dont be a stranger and say hello, we would love to hear from you, give us a cheer if you like what we do!

All the best and have an delicious day!

Richard & The OrderLord Team

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