Providing a food delivery service is like getting engaged. Especially in the restaurant business. Once you start a food delivery service, you become engaged to your customers as well as to your couriers. However, this engagement is fragile.

It takes a lot of effort to establish and run a successful food delivery service. If managed poorly it can harm your brand and reputation both in the short as well as the long run. There is a fine line between a flourishing and a fruitless delivery service.

What should you avoid once you start a food delivery service

Don’t count on guesswork. Guesses will not work with a delivery service. You should know exactly what is your delivery time with each order and what your customers feel about your service.

If you rely solely on guesswork, sooner or later it will get out of control. A food delivery service is a process. A process that requires good timing, good supervision and good management. Good, at least.

Ask yourself why you decided to deliver in the first place. More profit? Well, that’s a good reason. And do you know how to boost your profits with a food delivery service? Actually, it depends on many aspects…

First you need a well-managed and streamlined delivery process all the way from order placement up to your customer’s doorstep. Next you need happy customers. Without a doubt, happy customers mean more orders.

“Build lasting relationships with your customers by providing a unique food delivery experience“

happy customer

How can you make your customers happy?

Of course, firstly with a tasty meal. But tasty meals are not the only critical ingredient for customer satisfaction. Ultimately, it is the customer’s needs that drive everything.

It is easy to think that running a restaurant is about running a restaurant. But really, it is about serving the very individual needs of each customer in a way that makes the experience good and enables you to make a reasonable profit. It is always about assembling the right products and services in a unique way to deliver these benefits to your customers.

“If the overall experience of your customers is positive, you win. Orders will come in more frequently, customer loyalty will increase, word of mouth will drag in new patrons and your brand will shine.”

Now it’s time to ask yourself:

Do you know your customers?
Do you treat them well with your food delivery service?
Do you deliver on time?

Avoid late food delivery as much as possible

A late delivery really harms your business. According to our latest consumer research, we found that 6 out of 10 people who experience a late delivery when ordering for the first time would not order again from the same restaurant.

Also 90% of respondents answered that if they experienced a late food delivery from their favourite restaurant, they would need some time to get over it before ordering again. This means their ordering frequency is lowered significantly. Delivery time is critical factor in customer retention.

late food delivery

Do you know how many late deliveries you make per day, week or month?

Please be honest with yourself. If it is only a guess, it is not correct. You need full control over your delivery service. You need to know exactly how many deliveries were late.

You need efficient tools to measure this critical performance indicator since it determines the difference between a profitable and a fruitless food delivery service.

What does a late food delivery mean to your customers?

Based on our consumer research, we found that 87% of all orders are delivered in more than 60 minutes. But consumer expectations are different. In a perfect world, 92% of respondents want their food delivered between 15 and 30 minutes from placing their order.

Yes, this might be really challenging because we don’t live in a perfect world. But the message is clear. Those who can deliver most of their orders in a shorter time will profit from their food delivery service more than others.

The demand for delivery services from the restaurant industry is increasing significantly. If you want to leverage your food delivery service, you should look for a solution that will help you do it right.

“Because your customers deserve an outstanding delivery experience“

Check out what the Orderlord Food Delivery Management System can do to boost your food delivery service in a way that will make your customers stick with your brand.


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