iKentoo is a market leading iPad® POS solution for Hospitality entrepreneurs, active 11 countries, including the UK, Switzerland, France, and South Africa. The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland and offers a powerful iPad-based POS and business management solution for restaurants, takeaways, chains and fast food outlets, hotels, bars, festivals, and more.

What does iKentoo offer to delivery businesses?

  • More and easier sales
  • Simple and intuitive sales interface
  • Delivery, takeaway, e-commerce and on-site ordering
  • Rechargeable gift and loyalty cards
  • Saving you time and money
  • Multi-location centralized management
  • Automated inventory management
  • Staff timekeeping across locations
  • Making your clients happier
  • Sales-production interface for less wrong orders
  • Production management for faster service and delivery
  • Client files to help reward your best clients




iKentoo offers a whole range of seamlessly connected hardware and software functions as well as many 3rd party integrations to choose from, including Orderlord, tailoring the POS system to the needs of each client.

What we appreciate about iKentoo is the combination of a no-fuss interface, ease of use for chains and multi-site, and the highly customizable one-click management suite. Basically, it’s an end-to-end ordering and management platform for your delivery business.

What does iKentoo think about Orderlord?

“At iKentoo our mission has always been to help simplify our clients’ businesses so they can focus on what matters: happy customers. Our clients with a big delivery focus love Orderlord’s system for order tracking, streamlined logistics, and increased delivery speeds. Basically, this partnership helps our clients spend less time worrying about logistics, and more time delighting their customers.”

But talk is cheap – to try out Orderlord’s seamless integration with iKentoo sign up for their 30-day free trial to experience the system for yourself.


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