Are you having difficulties to handle your food delivery service? Do not despair, your food delivery doctors just came to town. Orderlord Food Delivery Management System announced an official UK market entry. And what a successful entry it was!

At the end of September 2015 we were exhibiting at the Takeaway Expo in London, eye to eye with the UK market. Our mission – learn as much as possible about food delivery and restaurant business in London at first hand.

One of our key objectives was to introduce ourselves in a bit unconventional way. And, it exceeded all of our expectations.

Birth of Food Delivery Doctors

We put quite a lot of concepts on the table while we were brainstorming our communication strategy for the Takeaway Expo in London. Finally we ended up with a Food Delivery Doctors concept. The QSR and food delivery business does not have to be boring anymore.

We know we have a superb product and delivery management solution which stands out of the crowd. So we also wanted to be exceptional and get a lot of attention during the Expo itself. We took the delivery doctor role seriously and went to create some buzz 🙂

The food delivery doctor concept was successful and brought many visitors to our stand. We got a lot of valuable feedback from restaurant owners and managers.

We found out that food delivery management is also a big problem within the UK and it really ‘needs to be cured’. I would say, we came here on right time.

food delivery doctors

We are sure any restaurant and chain can recover their delivery business with Orderlord food delivery management system.

As our CEO Richard Lipovsky said: ‘I was quite surprised by a ridiculously high number of delivery drivers that are usually employed at a single restaurant location.’

Right management and effectiveness is the key. And this is exactly where we can help to get rid of chaotic situations during peak hours.

What was most appealing to restaurants and chains? In fact and pleasingly, the whole Orderlord product as a one single solution.

Restaurant owners are aware of importance of all parts of delivery process and management. They appreciate the process transparency for them as well as for the customer. They have a need and vision of a great service that cuts time to deliver and perfectly route any order.

Well, now it’s our turn to prove we are ideal food delivery management solution partner. We are looking forward to work with you to ‘cure’ and recover your food delivery service.

Food delivery really can be fun and easy with us. We proudly welcome on board all of our new UK customers! Let’s make your customers love your food delivery service!


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