What? Cure your food delivery service? Are you kidding me?! Well, it might sound like a cheap joke but in fact most of restaurant managers consider their food delivery service a nightmare.

Let’s get into the shoes of a customer for a while.

Customer: ‘Hello, I’d like a big bacon pizza, small french fries and one cheeseburger. Could you please deliver this order latest in 1 hour? I’m getting quite hungry.’
Restaurant dispatcher: ‘Yes, sure!’

So far, so good, isn’t it? But imagine it is a peak hour and a restaurant dispatcher receives tens of similar orders only in 30 minutes. This is the point when chaos comes to the scene. What, where, when?

Dispatchers are not an octopus. First they send orders to the kitchen. How? Usually on the first come first serve basis. In this case the orders are not cooked effectively. First delays are born.

Finally, the meal exits in the kitchen and is ready to be collected by drivers. ‘Hey, drivers! Where are you?! We need drivers to deliver these meals! Hey you, please take this one there, this one over there, and this…’ Hmm, shortage, rush, no management, everyone’s got his/her own head… It’s like atoms running back and forth.

Cure food delivery service

Customer: ‘Hello, 90 minutes ago I ordered my food to be delivered in 1 hour. It’s not being here till now. Where’s my food?!’
Restaurant dispatcher: ‘Let me check what’s happened. Yes, your food was just taken by one of our drivers and it should arrive in 30 minutes.’
Customer: What?! Waiting for another 30 minutes?! Damn it!’

Be honest to your customers with your food delivery service

After another 45 minutes – you count it right, it’s already 2 hours and 15 minutes from ordering the food – a driver finally deliver the food to a customer’s door, with no apologize at all…

(H)angry customer just grab the food and guess what. A surprise! Cheese pizza and hamburger. What?! Do you remember what was ordered? Look back… Yes, you’re right. Absolute mess and what more, the french fries are missing.

Well, this is kind of extreme scenario but it happens more often than restaurant managers are willing to accept. That’s why food delivery service needs to be cured!

In September 2015 we established a team of food delivery doctors which helps to identify weak points in food delivery service process as well as to solve all delivery management issues. We have developed a unique software solution and set up new standards for a food delivery service management.

Cure food delivery service

Welcome to the world of OrderLord

Meet the most powerful food delivery service management system you can get. We solve problems with late deliveries and inefficient food delivery management. We’re here to cure your food delivery service. We’ll help you to get rid of food delivery chaos and nervous customers.

We are sure any restaurant and chain can recover their food delivery service with Orderlord delivery management system. Right management and effectiveness is the key. And this is exactly where we can help to get rid of chaotic situations during peak hours. Food delivery management really can be fun and easy with Orderlord.

Hate your food delivery service no more

Have a full control over your delivery orders even during the busiest hours you can imagine. We’ll help you manage all the process from taking an order, managing your kitchen, organizing your drivers, to live tracking deliveries. You’ll simply get well organized staff and what’s more important, smiled and happy customers.

And guess what’s the side effect. You probably guessed right. You’ll increase your customer retention, brand awareness and voila, profits. Happy customer means more income to your pocket. And that’s what turns the world. Or not? Well, reconsider to cure your food delivery service then…


Sincerely Orderlord

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